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Hi! I AM RAVEN B., a full time licensed hairstylist and beauty enthusiast professionally known as The Beauty Extraordinaire. I have been blessed to work and use my gift as a celebrity, and traveling hairstylist servicing all women and creating a luxurious experience for my clientele.  


Raven B. is not simply a hairstylist—whether it’s through advice, prayer, or gentle encouragement; you not only walk away with a gorgeous hairstyle and beauty tips, but also a memorable experience and a renewed outlook. I provide purposeful services, specializing in natural hair care, color, sew-ins and custom wigs. My goal is to make your natural hair healthier, longer, and more beautiful than you’ve ever imagined!

meet     aven B.



Raven B.

As The Beauty Extraordinaire, I also offer luxury virgin hair extensions, and custom wig units handmade by me with hair from The Trinity Hair Collection. I strive to make a difference each day in not only my businesses, but in all aspects of my life. I am a driven woman, fueled by my desires, passions and purpose so, I created Saved Woman Lit Purpose, a women’s empowerment initiative and Christian community dedicated to encouraging women to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

I can honestly say my clients have blessed me in many ways—they have sown into me just as much as I have into them. I find joy in empowering others, putting smiles on their faces, and knowing that my presence has made a positive impact on the world. Going into the future, I pray we can create more genuine smiles, beautiful hairstyles, and unforgettable experiences together!

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